Say you can and you really can.

  1. If you are retired and have enough time,

  2. You can really do the following and keep yourself young and energetic.

  3. Help the family members in their daily chores.

  4. visit any market, either sell some items.

  5. Or in the vegetable market, buy for them on their behalf.

  6. or help them to dice the vegetables and make them ready to use.

  7. or boil nicely chick peas ,packet them with diced tomatoes and adding a little salt if necessary.

  8. or teach the grandchildren their subjects the way in which you can.

  9. Try to learn cooking right from preparing coffee and tea .

  10. Go for a walk, do some good exercise.

  11. Search in google, make a blog or a video in you tube what you know very well.

  12. join some group like Laughter club.humour club, bloggers club,pastime club.

  13. If you know sports take part in any activity.

  14. Never stay Idle for idle brain is devil’s workshop.

  15. Do not grumble.groan, do not condemn, do not complain.

  16. Read some good books and share your views but do not bore people.

  17. Put some good videos,speeches,writings ,your follow ups with reviews and comments in Facebook,twitter but in discreet way or manner.

  18. You cannot retire until you retire from this world.

  19. Visit the nearest school ,teach or guide the children of a particular class /period where the teacher is not available or absent.

  20. Learn a hobby to spend time in a positive way.

You are lucky to cross fifty

  • This is the time to take stock of your life.
  • See what you can contribute to the welfare of the people who need you after 50.Check the below link to have an idea
  • ¬†
  • You can help your nearest kith and kin in their day to day lessons
  • .You can take good care of your health.
  • This is the age in which slowly slowly our one by one enemies of our health try to enter to play havoc with our life
  • .Visiting a doctor once in a year, dental surgeon once in a year., taking a complete medical check up is a must.
  • if you have insurance , it is all the time better.Once you cross a certain age you get concessions in Railways,airways etc.,
  • If you are hale and healthy,safe and sound Wonderful.
  • its God’s mercy and blessings
  • .Take good care of your health and find how to spend the rest of the years in peace,harmony,love and with hobby.hobbies.
  • Hearty blessings and best wishes for a happy,healthy,prosperous, peaceful¬† future ahead.